To address the growing trend of Nigerians seeking cardiac care abroad, this year Cardiocare hospital has partnered with Hospitals for humanity an NGO that has been performing pediatric open heart surgeries in Nigeria for 10 years for a charitable outreach.

Every year, an estimated 85,000 children are born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) in Nigeria. In a high proportion of these cases, these children’s lives can be saved or have improvements in the quality of life through invasive surgery and cardiac interventions. Unfortunately, not only is financial cost of care an issue, access to effective medical and surgical care to diagnose and treat the same has also been relatively scarce in the country.
In a landmark effort to address the growing trend of Nigerians seeking cardiac care abroad, Cardiocare Multispecialty Hospital Abuja, a flagship facility under the renowned Limi Hospital Group, has launched its Open-Heart Surgery Program, beginning with a charitable outreach event in collaboration with her partners.

Heart disease is a major global public health challenge, and Nigeria is significantly affected across all ages and socio-cultural lines. Recognizing the urgency, Dr. Mariam Inuwa, Head of Cardiology at Cardiocare, expressed deep gratitude to the program’s partners. She emphasized the importance of ensuring equitable access to life-saving interventions, regardless of financial constraints, while still offering the same level of care all year-round at the hospital.

Dr. Iseko Iseko, Group Medical Director of Limi Hospitals, reiterated the institution’s commitment to providing world-class cardiac care in a cost-effective manner. He highlighted the hospital’s vision that this initiative will stimulate increased investments in healthcare infrastructure and encourage the return of diaspora healthcare professionals to both public and private institutions in Nigeria.

In response to the high rates of medical tourism for cardiac procedures, Cardiocare Hospital had hitherto taken a bold step by inaugurating its cardiac surgery program and suites. These are equipped with the latest medical technologies, including a state-of-the-art cardiac Cathlab, a world-class cardiac laminar airflow theatre, mechanical circulatory support devices, and a high-end intensive care unit.

The launch of this year’s Cardiocare Hospital’s Open Heart Surgery Outreach Program marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape, heralding a new era of inclusivity and accessibility in cardiac care, particularly for the underprivileged. This outreach program was made possible through a partnership with Hospitals for Humanity, an NGO based in Atlanta, GA and Nigeria, which shares Cardiocare’s mission of providing advanced surgical and interventional care to Nigerians across all strata. Previous charity programs were enabled by robust partnerships with international organizations such as the Cardiovascular Education Foundation, MyHeart YourHeart, the Reece Foundation, and numerous individual sponsors and donors.

Dr. Segun Ajayi, founder of Hospitals for Humanity, emphasized that collaborations like the one with Cardiocare Hospital Abuja are a call to action to support vulnerable children with congenital heart defects and their families. He noted that much more needs to be done and can be achieved with the right support to save more children through screening, diagnosis, and philanthropic treatment.

Officially launched in 2020 under the distinguished chairmanship of the Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, the ultramodern cardiac center at Cardiocare Hospital has since become renowned for advancing cardiovascular care and surgery, particularly in Northern Nigeria. With over 20,000 consultations across various specialties and more than 1,000 successful interventional cardiovascular procedures, the hospital stands as a beacon of medical and surgical excellence in Nigeria. It has received multiple awards, including the Physician of the Year and the Nigerian Cardiac Society’s Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery Development, as well as an Award of Appreciation from Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the then First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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